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DIGIFEMA investigates railway accidents

• DIRECTIVE 2004/49/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 29 April 2004 on safety on the Community’s railways (RSD);

• Italian Legislative Decree 10 august 2007, n. 162 Implementation of Directives 2004/49 /EC and 2004/51/ EC relating to the safety and development of the Community’s railways;

• The Decree of the President of the Republic July 11, 1980, n. 753 laying down new rules on police, safety and regular operation of railways and other transport services;

• Guidance for the establishment and work of the national investigation bodies”. It is a reference manual for NIBs in order to support the heads of the bodies in the organization of investigative processes and assist investigators in the conduct of investigations;

• “Guidance on good reporting practice”. It has the objective of spreading a common understanding of the different elements present in Annex V of the Directive 2004/49 /EC on railway safety (that is, the main content of the report of investigation of accidents and incidents);

• “Guidance on safety recommendations in terms of article 25 Directive 2004/49/EC”. It is a reference manual for accident investigation bodies and other parties directly or indirectly involved to facilitate a common understanding of the safety recommendations issued as a result of the investigation of rail accidents.